automotive care

Fluids that Need Checked Regularly

When you need to know which fluids need to checked regularly in your car, you can follow this simple advice to help you along the way.


The antifreeze should be checked every time you fill up at the gas station. When you need to add antifreeze, be sure to check your car manual to see which type your car uses. There are many different kinds of antifreeze on the market today and depending on your car, using the wrong kind can cause damage.

Motor Oil

You have a dipstick under the hood for a reason and it is best to use it at least weekly. Your engine oil should be light in color and should be thin. If it looks dark or has gotten thick, you are probably past due for an oil change.

Transmission Fluid

If you have an automatic vehicle, you need to check the transmission fluid weekly. Many people know to check the engine oil, but they forget about the transmission fluid until their transmission starts to act up and not shift gears properly.

Brake Fluid

If you notice your brake fluid getting low sooner than expected, this can be a sign that you need to have your brakes replaced. Never put any fluid in the brake fluid reservoir that is not brake fluid as this can cause damage to the entire brake system.

Power Steering Fluid

Your power steering fluid needs to be checked at each fill up just as the motor oil and brake fluid should be. If it is low be sure to fill it back to the appropriate level.