selling car

Tips to Sell Your Car

Selling a car takes time and unfortunately, unless you are offering a great car for a price that would not even pay for the tires on the car, it can be stressful to figure out the best way to market it so it will sell as soon as possible. To make the sale go a little smoother, follow these tips to be able to reach the best buyers in the market for a used car.

Clean the Car

A clean car is going to sell much faster than a dirty car. Many people see a dirty car and assume that the owner has not taken care of the engine. When they see a clean car, they tend to think that the owner has worked harder to keep the engine in good shape as well. You may have a great engine but if your car is covered in grime and messy inside, you could lose the biggest paying customer because the dirt will scare them away.

Keep Service Records

Even if you have only had to have routine maintenance like oil changes or tire rotations, be sure to keep those records. If you are selling a car and asking for a price that may seem a little high, but you are doing so because of an investment you have made with repairs, upgrades or other work, having the records for those services can help sell the car. No records can scare people away because it may look as if you just do not want to share the information that may show something is wrong with the car.

Check the Car Value

You may want to make no less than $30,000 but your car may not be worth even half of that price. You need to check websites including Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds to see what the fair market value price of the car truly is. Your buyers will most likely be checking for this information to see if you are trying to scam them or overcharge for the car. There is nothing wrong with listing the price a little high, but be willing to negotiate if a buyer is interested.


There are many places that you can advertise today. Years ago, the local newspaper or a sign in the window would be the typical way to sell a car. This was could take weeks if not months to get any attention from a buyer. Today, you have many flexible options including Craigslist, Facebook and other social media sites where you can advertise a car for sale. Use your resources wisely to attract the best buyers possible.

Once you have potential buyers respond to your ad, be sure to answer your phone or email and arrange to meet them as soon as possible. Keep in mind that numerous other people are selling cars in your area, and someone that really needs a car is going to move quickly to the next seller on their list.